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Personal loans in Norway
  • 1 application, and offers from 18 banks
  • From 5 000 to 500 000 NOK
  • The ability to transfer even one loan on better terms (refinansiering)
Leave your phone number and email address, we will present you offers!
Eff.rente 14,15%, 100 000kr. over 5 år, kost 37 120kr., Totalt 137 120kr.
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3 simple steps to obtain a personal loan

Select the loan amount and complete the form, where you provide information about employment and financial liabilities.
Wait for the banks' replies. Your application with the help of Telefinans AS will be sent to 18 banks in Norway, after getting the answer we will pass you the offers of banks and help you choose the best solution.
Payment of credit money. After accepting the terms, you will receive an electronically or paper-based personal loan agreement with the bank to sign. Just after signing the money will go to your bank account.

Personal loan - for what?

Refinancing loans

If you have a another credit or credit card, you can use the refinancing option. Thanks to this service, you have the chance to pay off the same loan on better terms, choose additional funds, extend or shorten the loan period. There is a possibility of consolidation, i.e. combining several loan commitments into one.

from 5 000 to 500 000 NOK

Through banks in Norway, you can borrow an amount from 5 000 to as much as 500 000 NOK. Depending on your needs and creditworthiness, you can get the expected amount of the loan.

Credit line

A credit line is a very convenient form of loan. In this case, you use the money when you want, and interest you pay only on the amount used.

Offers from 18 banks

When you apply for a loan, you will receive a non-binding offer from 18 banks in Norway. The whole process takes place online, without leaving home, no longer than 2 working days.

How much does a personal loan cost?

The interest rate ranges from 6.49% to 26.9%. It depends on many factors, including your credit history, amount or current offer of banks. Remember, however, that each personal loan can be refinanced on better terms after just 6 months.

Personal loan in Norway

Select the loan amount and complete the form, where you provide information about employment and financial liabilities.

Credit thanks to BankID

Credit thanks to BankID

With BankID you do not have to wait for the documents to be signed in paper form (Norwegian banks send it by post together with a prepaid return envelope). Just click on the link in the email from the Bank, complete basic information, enter the code from the BankID and money may be on your account next day.

You can count on:

  • Repayment of the personal loan spread over years
  • Customer service in Polish/English/Norwegian
  • An offer selected from 18 Norwegian banks


  • Documented steady annual income in the amount of min. 220 000 NOK gross
  • Age over 20
  • Permanent personal number
  • Current legal residence address in Norway

Personal loan in Norway

  • Forbrukslån - a personal loan that you can get for any purpose.
  • Polish/English/Norwegian/Lithuanian speaking consultant will help you choose offer depending on the amount you want to borrow, and your financial capabilities.
  • No collateral required - personal loans in Norway do not require such security measures.
  • Offers from 18 banks - the service is carried out in cooperation with Motty Telefinans AS, a company that exists in the Norwegian market since 1985. Our partner works with 18 Norwegian banks.
  • No extra charge - we do not charge any fees from customers, the final agreement is concluded between the customer and the bank.
  • For any purpose - you decide on what you spend for.
  • Early repayment - at no extra cost you can repay the personal loan. This convenient system allows you to save money, because you do not have to pay any interest.

Total costs of personal loan on examples

Loan Simulation 1: amount of loan 50 000 NOK, repayment period 1 year, initial charge 900 NOK, monthly fee 35 NOK, nominal interest rate 17,9%, real interest rate 19,4%, monthly rate 4 699 NOK, the total cost of the loan 56 390 NOK
Loan Simulation 2: amount of loan 150 000 NOK, repayment period 5 years, initial charge 1 150 NOK, monthly fee 35 NOK, nominal interest rate 13,9%, real interest rate 16,4%, monthly rate 3 544 NOK, the total cost of the loan 212 653 NOK
Loan Simulation 3: amount of loan 500 000 NOK, repayment period 15 years, initial charge 1 950 NOK, monthly fee 35 NOK, nominal interest rate 7,9%, real interest rate 8,6%, monthly rate 4 803 NOK, the total cost of the loan 864 534 NOK


  • Who can get a personal loan in Norway?

    Practically everyone who has a permanent personal number (personnummer and is registered in Norway can obtain a personal loan. The personal loan is granted, usually to people who have income from employment. However, it is also possible to obtain a personal loan by receiving the unemployment benefit or a rehabilitation (AAP). All these factors are dependent on the requirements of individual banks. It is worth to make inquiries to see if you are entitled to a personal loan.

  • What is the difference between the permanent personal number (personnummer) and temporary personal number (D-nummer)?

    Temporary personal number (D-nummer) is given to people who intend to stay in Norway for less than six months. Permanent personal number (personnummer) is given to people who reside in Norway for more than 6 months. It consists of 11 digits, where the first six is the date of birth.

  • Which document confirms residence in Norway and earnings from the previous year?

    Pre-tax return (Skattemelding). The Bank requires that the document was delivered complete, ie it includes all parties, not just the first.

  • Can two people can apply for a personal loan? (ie marriage, partners)

    Yes, in Norway two people can apply for a personal loan. Ideally if borrowers are married or related. When applying for a personal loan with another person you must provide a proof of earnings for both borrowers (even if one of co-loan-takers started working in Norway relatively recently). Both people must meet following conditions: owning personal number (personnummer), providing registered address of residence in Norway and have an income.

  • What is the minimum period of working time in Norway to seek personal loan?

    Banks have different requirements in Norway, but the longer we work, the better bank will assess our creditworthiness. The document, which confirms earnings, is the pre-tax return (Skattemelding) from the previous year.

  • For how many years can spread the repayment of the personal loan?

    Repayment of personal credit can be spread up to 5 years.
    It is possible to obtain a credit with repayment period up to 15 years. In that case - refinancing other liabilities is required.

  • How much can I get without security?

    The amount ranges from 5 000 to 500 000 NOK. It depends on the period of employment with one employer, salary and length of stay in Norway

  • Does the bank have the right to ask for what I want to allocate a personal loan?

    Yes, the bank has right to know for what we want to allocate a personal loan, but usually does not ask clients for the purpose of the personal loan.

  • Does the sending of inquiry is obliging?

    No, the form with your data and documents is transferred to financial consultant, who verifies your creditworthiness. Then you get an offer based on responses from 18 banks in Norway. If you choose one of the options proposed, it remains only a confirmation which personal loan you choose.

  • How long is valid a personal loan application?

    The application is valid from two weeks to 30 days from the date of submission in the bank by our financial advisor. The length depends on the validity of the procedures of the bank.

  • Does the financial advisor charges a percentage of the personal loan?

    Does the financial advisor charges a percentage of the personal loan?

  • In what the bank can get a personal loan after filling out this form?

    Your inquiry for a personal loan in Norway will be sent to the 18 Norwegian banks. Thanks to that you will be able to choose the most advantageous offer.

  • Can I get a personal loan if I am already paying off another personal loan in Norway?

    Yes, but it all depends on your creditworthiness and the amount of the loan. Many people choose to take a personal loan to pay off credit card - this seemingly risky operation, is in many cases very profitable and reduce the interest rate on the repaid personal loan.

  • What kind of personal loans offer from individual banks in Norway are?

    Personal loan offers are developed for each client individually. Financial advisor, the Motty Telefinans AS company cooperates with 18 banks in Norway, giving clients the most favorable personal loan offer.

  • What is a Bank ID and why is needed?

    BankID is an electronic card, which allows you to perform many official activities (eg contact with NAV, Skatteetaten, Altinn etc.) and financial. To use it, you should go to your bank and ask for a service launch. BankID is necessary for the so-called. e-signering, it is na electronic approval of personal loan offer from the bank. In case of the absence of BankID, the bank from which you want to get a personal loan will send a courier to the paper agreement to sign.

  • I run my own business, can I apply for a personal loan?

    Yes, most banks accept applications from self-employed, while the frequent requirement is to have a document stating that you and your spouse are registered under the same address issued by the registry office.

    The documents to be prepared in the first place are næringsoppgave for the previous year and resultatregnskap for the last 2-3 months.

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In the case of obtaining personal credit offers our experts help you choose the offer, they will also advise a solution matched to your needs. We are discussing the entire process of signing a personal loan agreement at a chosen bank. In the case of people with other debts or credit cards, we find a solution in the form of refinancing, it means consolidation of other commitment. This solution often helps to save for over a dozen to thousand crowns. We have already helped over 3 thousands customers. We invite you to cooperate.
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